Family Portrait

For his series "Family Portrait" (2003), Kyungwoo Chun invited eight different families from Bremen to his studio, where he installed a single chair and a camera. He asked all the family members about their age and added up their lifetimes. This then resulted in the duration of the respective performance and thus also the exposure time of the family portraits in minutes. The exposure time was again staggered according to the age of each individual: A 36-year-old father sat in front of the camera for 36 minutes, while the portrait time for the 3-year-old son was only 3 minutes. From these shots of all the family members, Chun created a single photo as a family portrait, in which not only movements during the long exposure time but also the different people are superimposed to form an overall image.

Family Portrait 110 Min.
Family Portrait 110 Min., 2003
Family Portrait 106 Min.
Family Portrait 106 Min., 2003
Family Portrait 51 Min.
Family Portrait 51 Min., 2003
Family Portrait 116 Min.
Family Portrait 116 Min., 2003

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