Being a Queen

People who were believing that she/he has certain similarity (mentally or physically) with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark are asked to participate in the project. It has been done through public media or announcement and there was no selection by artist, but only acceptance by proofing the real personal reason through interview.
About 30 people contacted and 19 people finally participated in this project, which has been realized Aarhus and Copenhagen. All participants dressed a typical Queen blue dress made by DR and asked to sit for the time of their individual age (eg. 60 year old= 60 minutes, 32 year old= 32 minutes) for a photographic exposure. During the exposure time they are allowed to talk.
In the video interview for installation all participants are asked to answer the personal reason why they believe that they are similar to the Queen.

Being a Queen 5
Being a Queen 5, 2007
Being a Queen 8
Being a Queen 8, 2007
Being a Queen 9
Being a Queen 9, 2007
Being a Queen 1
Being a Queen 1, 2007
Being a Queen 2
Being a Queen 2, 2007
Being a Queen 3
Being a Queen 3, 2007
Being a Queen 4
Being a Queen 4, 2007
Being a Queen 6
Being a Queen 6, 2007 - 112

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