About us

Bernhard Knaus Fine Art currently represents 19 artists from Germany and abroad and presents five to six exhibitions per year.

The gallery's programme initially focused on photography as an artistic medium. In recent years, the programme has been expanded to include painting in the spectrum between abstraction and figuration. Artists such as Robert Zandvliet, Myriam Holme, Albrecht Schnider, Stefan á Wengen and Giacomo Santiago Rogado have found their way into the gallery programme.

Since the gallery was founded, we have been particularly committed to the continuous and long-term promotion of the positions we represent.

We regularly publish books or act as editors in co-operation with other publishers. We work with museums and other non-commercial institutions worldwide and loan works by the artists we represent and from our collection for exhibition projects.

Thematically, we focus on the examination of fundamental questions of perception. We are interested in artists who reflect on the conditions of experience and perception of our time.


The gallery does not accept unsolicited artist applications.


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