About us

Bernhard Knaus began publishing photo, video and graphic editions by international contemporary artists in 1996.

The first gallery spaces were opened in October 2001 in Mannheim. Six years later witnessed the opening of our new gallery on Niddastrasse 84 in Frankfurt, just a stonethrow away from the central train station. The gallery currently represents 20 artists domestically and abroad and curates six exhibitions annually in the 310 sqm space.

Since the beginning we have placed special emphasis on the continuous and long-term support and promotion of the artists we represent. We regularly publish our own books as well as working together with external publishing houses. Additionally, we cooperate with museums and other non-commercial institutions across the world, as we lend works from our collection and from the gallery stock to various exhibitions projects. A close collaboration with a network of international galleries allows us to help our artists to establish an international career.

Initially our concept centred on exploring photography as an artistic medium. In the last couple of years we have expanded our focal point to include varying painterly stances, spanning from abstract to representational.
Thematically we aim to shed light on fundamental questions regarding human perception. We are particularly interested in artists who reflect within their works issues concerning experiences and perceptions of our time.


The gallery does not accept unsolicited artist applications.


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