In / Finite
In / Finite
In / Finite
In / Finite
02.05. - 08.07.2006
Inroduction: Susanne Pfeffer, Künstlerhaus Bremen

East Asian aesthetics and the tradition of portrait photography are influences which are reflected in the images by the Korean artist Kyungwoo Chun. In the Korean language photography means “representation of soul”, an idea which emphasizes the unity of body and soul. With this concept the artist is dealing in his photgraphy, videos and video – performances. In his single or group portraits Kyungwoo Chun uses  extremely long exposure times, which can last from some minutes until several hours. During this process he is not representing faces with defined lines, but is approaching a personality in a dialogue between the artist and the person in front of the camera.   In the new workgroup “In/finite” the viewer stands not in front of to the portrayed person, but in a very unusual perspective: at the head of a laying man, whose body is stretching to a space charged with white misty light. The new works are taken in a time of 60 minutes, during the person is talking about his own mother. In these images personal emotions and topics are interfering with each other. There will be  an audio – visual installation in the exhibition with a monologue to the belonging image. The physiognomies remain blurred and are floating in interfering time scapes between physicalness and increasing abstraction. Kyungwoo Chun is able to unveil the invisible and creating images, which invites to  contemplate about time, space, object and subject.
“For me, photography is not about selecting and showing an entity. It enables me to produce a visible manifestation of what is not visible.” Kyungwoo Chun

Exhibited works

In/finite #1
In/finite #1, 2005
In/finite #2
In/finite #2, 2005
In/finite #3
In/finite #3, 2005
In/finite #7
In/finite #7, 2005

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