Flo Maak's early series of works "Shelter" presents digital collages of animals that the artist has taken in zoos in front of staged dwellings in the studio. He plays with proportions, everyday materials, shifts in perspective and unusual angles of view. Last but not least, he leads the laws of gravity ad absurdum in his pictorial inventions, for example, when an elephant shot seems to be hanging upside down from a thin branch. In another work, colourful flamingos cavort in an open blue rubbish bag, which in this staging represents their habitat or dwelling.

Maak's "Shelter" as an aesthetic contemplation of fictive accommodation in the sense of shelters or a personal refuge for different animals spans their own narratives about the living conditions of animals in the city or in man-made show institutions, such as a zoo or animal park, in a visually impressive and compositionally humorous way, especially in relation to the rubbish bag or plastic sheeting that has been misappropriated.

Shelter 04
Shelter 04, 2009
Shelter 05
Shelter 05, 2009
Shelter 06
Shelter 06, 2009
Shelter 07
Shelter 07, 2009
Shelter 08
Shelter 08, 2009
Shelter 01
Shelter 01, 2009
Shelter 02
Shelter 02, 2009
Shelter 03
Shelter 03, 2009

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