Living in the Lobby

The photographs in Flo Maak's series "Living in the Lobby" were largely taken during the artist's stay in New York City, a city characterised by its geometric grid structure. The movement structures of each individual passer-by within the city are guided by the rational arrangement of streets and buildings and offer orientation. In the series, geometric details of facades and architecture are juxtaposed with shots of a resting place or a dog on a wet street.

The artist plays here with the English expression "off the grid", a state of moving beyond the grid and thus submerging oneself. Strategies of either diving under the grid and attempting to evade any authorities in this way, or becoming part of the grid in order not to be visible, resonate here. Flo Maak takes up the geometric and searching structure of a grid in its double meaning aesthetically as well as sociolinguistically and sociopolitically and transfers his reflections into an associative-emotional sequence of images between architectural details and street scenes. Resistant potential in the location of the individual thereby appears on the artistic horizon and yet is not concretely tangible.

In a Past Future
In a Past Future, 2011
Daily Pattern
Daily Pattern, 2011
Mesh, 2011
Untitled (New Orleans)
Untitled (New Orleans), 2011
Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller, 2011
In the Grid
In the Grid, 2011
Bringing the War Home
Bringing the War Home, 2011
The Reading Room
The Reading Room, 2010

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