Natural Rendering

In his group of works "Natural Rendering", Flo Maak combines photographs with foil graphs and room dividers to create a dense narrative of how the world is perceived. If the growth curves inevitably remind us of economic data and not least of financial crises, they are at the same time staged against nature and appear in front of real branches, blossoming cherry tree twigs and green foliage. At the same time, Maak staged these image settings real in nature and thus created a materialisation of intangible, immaterial data sets to which a varying concept of growth is subject.

The knowledge of the seemingly completely separate spheres of the financial and economic world on the one hand and the seemingly intact, flourishing and fruit-bearing plant nature on the other is combined with individual titles such as "Peak", "Exchange Value", "Friendly Environment" or "Free fall". In this way, he spans a multi-layered field of meaning of analogies as well as the derivation and attempted explanation of capitalist financial structures against the background of the environment that surrounds and nourishes us.

Following the observation that economic crises are often discussed analogously to natural disasters, although they are caused by human action, Flo Maak also inquires in this series into aspects of naturecultures as well as into the relationship between reality and virtuality, and concretion and abstraction. Just as any graph representation in visualisation implies simplification, Flo Maak follows a logic in which he hints at the real connections of contexts in their complexity, while at the same time revealing the absurdity of linguistic and visual conventions in his photographs in a humorous and enigmatic way.

Selbstportrait vom 21.02
Selbstportrait vom 21.02, 2015
Ratio of rural and urban population from 1950 to 2040
Ratio of rural and urban population from 1950 to 2040, 2015
Wind speed in wind places on 14.04.2014
Wind speed in wind places on 14.04.2014, 2015
Index, 2013
Free fall
Free fall, 2012
Friendly Environment
Friendly Environment, 2012
Peak (Natural Rendering)
Peak (Natural Rendering), 2012
Exchange Value
Exchange Value, 2012
Musée Royal de l'Armée
Musée Royal de l'Armée, 2010
Die Ordnung der Dinge
Die Ordnung der Dinge, 2009
Zur Frage nach einem zeitgenössischen Realismus und einer Kritik in dessen Sinne
Zur Frage nach einem zeitgenössischen Realismus und einer Kritik in dessen Sinne, 2009

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