Tom Früchtl

In painting, I am interested in the relationship between representation and reality. The focus is on the relationship of the material paint to the painting
ground. The ground is motif, occasion and primer of the painting at the same time. I detach the subject from pictorial grammar in order to investigate the
representability of reality with painterly means. One could create interesting word creations here to title this procedure: Concrete Hyperrealism, Illusionist
Monochromism or Abstract Illusionism.
It is obvious to leave the traditional picture ground and to use other picture supports. Through this detachment, three-dimensional paintings have
developed and, as a result, spatial paintings. Together with the background, which is also depicted, as it were, an object is created that oscillates between
painting and sculpture, but always remains painting.
To represent reality in reality, to erase what is seen by painting over it and at the same time to depict it, is absurd action and the pictorial object of my

Selected works

Kleines Drecksbild # 9
Kleines Drecksbild # 9, 2021
Drecksbilder #6
Drecksbilder #6, 2021
decor #12
decor #12, 2021
decor #10
decor #10, 2021
flash, 2019
masonite, 2008
decor #6
decor #6, 2017
flyer #2
flyer #2, 2017
against #1
against #1, 2017
softbox, 2017
Splash 1
Splash 1, 2015
Splash 2
Splash 2, 2015
tapeon, 2012
Geschminktes Holz
Geschminktes Holz, 2010
Not Unreal
Not Unreal, 2012
Boosted Mimicry
Boosted Mimicry
10.02. - 05.05.2024
echt jetzt
echt jetzt
26.11. - 03.03.2024
16.11. - 26.01.2019
Thrill of Deception - From Ancient Art to Virtual Reality
Thrill of Deception - From Ancient Art to Virtual Reality
17.08. - 13.01.2019
The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground
The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground
23.06. - 05.08.2018
Lena von Goedeke, Tom Früchtl

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