26.11.2005 - 11.02.2006
His painting is a game played with reflections of reality. His works imitate, or rather mystify, real space, things, their colour and structure in such a way, that at the first moment it is tough to tellwhich is which. He is interested in the picture, in its relation to reality and in challenges, which have historically marked the limits of simulation and representation in art. It sounds serious, but amusing and intelligent works by Fruechtl are more than just attacks of artistic and theoretical thoughts.
Anja Mitus

“I discovered that the viewer gets in an almost classical way involved in the painting and that the status of  the objects became rather indifferent: somewhat between real object, model and 'real painting. I also like the idea of the mock monochromy of the flatpieces, the painterly attitude of the packaging: in their stupidity they somehow laugh about the heroic attitude of late modernism monochromy, but still show hopefully the glory of this attempt.”
Tom Früchtl

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