In the list of Hinsberg’s works, we first encounter this term in 2003 with reference to a first monumental work on paper. Here, a fine net of long, thin graphite lines extends over a format of 196 x 157 cm, whereby all the empty spaces along them have been cut out. The fragility of these works would be hard to surpass; they are thus no longer embraced by the rectangle of the drawing but have been completely separated from it. The sweep of Hinsberg’s lines is reminiscent of something organic, such as capillaries, which as fine as hairs are vessels forming part of our blood circulation system, or when, as has been the case in a more recent work, the lines form circling movements made with a lead pencil to conjure up the image of nests, networks of roots or fungal rhizomes. This group is characterized by delicate connecting strips of paper that she has left in rather than excised – albeit with a vast amount of empty space between them. Compared with the lively net structure the fields she has cut out seem to constitute a framed space, one that seems to develop its own corporeality although in reality there is nothing there.

Netz, 2017
Netz, 2016
Netz (I)
Netz (I), 2015

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