Farben (Sequenz)

The drawings in a standardized A4 format are filled in with a colored crayon using close cross-hatching. The surface has been divided up into individual fields which always follow the same grid pattern: 23 fields across, each 5 by 5 mm in width, and 30 lines in height. Hinsberg’s drawing style abstains from any kind of subjective expression and instead follows a regular process of working things through, requiring a steady hand in the process. Nevertheless, the airy structure of the surface derives exactly this limited scope for the kind of differentiating modulation that is the product of manual application and when viewed creates a sense of tacticity. From one field to the next the eye traces this movement as it progresses in linear fashion. The colors change within each individual sheet yet continue in sequence from drawing to drawing. The viewer’s gaze is focused on this change in color and the resulting transformations at both the temporal and spatial levels. For each of these sequences there is a clearly defined starting point, be this the fact that for each new sheet another new color is added and, at the same time, one removed, or be it that she only ever allows the individual colors to appear once or alternately with another color, etc. As a result, depending on the particular combination one can visualize interactive processes unfolding before the eye.

Colors (sequence)
Colors (sequence), 2017
Colors (sequence)
Colors (sequence), 2017

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