Le Jardin

The paintings from the workgroup "Le Jardin" revolve around elemental themes. In this series, Robert Zandvliet develops the idea of the paradisiacal garden and the representation of nature. Without a horizon or the like, the focus in these works is nature’s richness of detail and structure instead of the fixed image of a landscape. The expressive brushstroke lets pictorial elements and image planes merge into one another in colors ranging from soft jade green over lively sea green to mysterious evergreen. At its end, Robert Zandvliet offers a new outlook on contemporary painting: a kind of painting that eludes attributions and -isms, which at the same time opens itself to questions about its constitution, perception and interpretation.

Le Jardin II
Le Jardin II, 2021
Le Jardin III
Le Jardin III, 2021
Le Jardin IV
Le Jardin IV, 2021
Le Jardin V
Le Jardin V, 2021
Le Jardin VI
Le Jardin VI, 2021
Le Jardin VII
Le Jardin VII, 2021
Le Jardin VIII
Le Jardin VIII, 2021
Le Jardin IX
Le Jardin IX, 2021
Le Jardin X
Le Jardin X, 2021
Le Jardin XI
Le Jardin XI, 2021
Le Jardin I
Le Jardin I, 2021

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