Through the examination of the representation of man in the series "Stage of being" Robert Zandvliet began to dedicate himself to the series "Crucifix" in 2018. The horizontal embedding and the standing figure prepared the depictions of the crucifixion.
Easily associated with images of the crucified Christ, one is tempted to see the image in religious contexts. However the motif is repeated several times, abandoning all the typical attributes. This leaves only the serial figure itself, which is no longer to be understood as the redeemer, but merely as a figure in the picture. The representation of the posture has become so universal in Christian cultural circles that the artist is interested in how the image itself functions. Everything has already been said about the composition and the narrative of the pictorial tradition through countless reproductions - the type has taken over the narrative. In this serial investigation, Robert Zandvliet frees the posture from its classical topoi and pictorial tradition and examines the effective power of the motif.

Crucifix Study I (blue)
Crucifix Study I (blue), 2018
Crucifix I
Crucifix I, 2018
Crucifix Study IV (black, grey)
Crucifix Study IV (black, grey), 2018
Untitled (Crucifix Sketch)
Untitled (Crucifix Sketch), 2018
Untitled (Crucifix Sketch)
Untitled (Crucifix Sketch), 2018

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