12.04. - 07.06.2003
Introduction: Thomas Schirmböck, Fotogalerie Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim

Peter Schlör (born and lives in Mannheim) is engaged to the medium of photography since 1985. His distinctive black and white photographic work has been presented in various museums, international gallerys and art fairs.
His new exhibition “Säulengänge” (“Colonnades”) has his focus in series, which arised during a journey in Sicily to the ancient temples of Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta. Furthermore there will be shown extraordinary perspectives of the old chestnut avenue on the riverside of the Neckar in Mannheim.
From the tree trunk, a element of prehistorian architecture, the column  was developed. Since the greek ancient world the column formed the most important element of the occidental architecture. The archetype column and trunk is the central theme of the exhibition.
Peter Schlör makes a very precise game with the view. Space, time and rhythm compose in his work as well an enigmatic as a precise construction. The motive is often the same, but not his view, it changes, at second glance perceivable the point of view.  As more exactly the observer looks at it, all the more the orientation, the diffrence, the similarity and variability of the images becomes to a mystery.
In the work of Peter Schlör the “return of the same” is reflected. Here the beholder feel the slowness of the progress, which can be interpreted too easy as an standstill if he is not ready to be aware the constant alteration.

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