The House
The House
The House
The House
04.06. - 10.09.2005
Introduction: Rudij Bergmann, Filmemaker / critic
Peter Schlör (born in 1964) from Mannheim has been engaged in photography as a creative medium for more than two decades. His unmistakeable black-and-white works have been shown at many museums, international galleries and art fairs. His work is concerned with primeval motifs such as the tree, the river, the mountain or the house, which have had meaning for humans beings at all periods and in all cultures.The house as an archetype has been a central theme of Schlör’s work from the very beginning and has appeared in many of his motifs. The exhibition presents a cross-section of this cycle. Peter Schlör’s images move between the eccentric tension of the world outside and the centric calm within the protection of the house. In this he plays with vision in an extremely precise way. In his works space, time and rhythm create a structure which is both enigmatic and exact.

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