ein kräftiger hauch

At PORT25 – Raum für Gegenwartskunst, Myriam Holme has installed a material painting, equally silent and poetic, in which the boundaries between media and genres are blurred.

Space and time, those apparently fixed parameters, are no longer fixable in Myriam Holme’s installation. The painting shapes the space, all is material and, in the installation, joined together to form a temporary shape. The picture is liberated from the tie to This-way-and-no-other, and beholders do not stand in front of the picture, they are in the middle of the painting.

Holme’s installation is a sensory experience and a challenge to perception. In her space-consuming material painting, surrounded by the optical and haptic stimuli of the vastest array of materials, such as shimmering imitation gold leaf, sparkling glass or reflective aluminium, beholders become part of a walk-in painting, an almost ‘baroque’ staging.

ein kräftiger hauch
ein kräftiger hauch, 2021 - 2022

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