Tumbling Follies
Tumbling Follies
Tumbling Follies
Tumbling Follies
Tumbling Follies
08.02. - 07.04.2018
Diverse forms of architectural outgrowths manifest themselves as house sculptures: In the form of the grown house, angular and daring with the nostalgic impression of half-timbered construction, or monolithic, skeletonized down to the bare structure and abstracted from history and narration. The term Tumbling Follies - in German roughly staggering madness - puts this built art in the context of historically eccentric architectural creations that had their heyday in the 18th century for the design of English landscape parks. Follies leave room for fantasy and fiction, experimentation and extravagance, provocative unusability and pomp. They evade any serviceability and claim an existence for their own sake. In Marten Schech's art, they even start to move, grow into autonomous forms and develop a life of their own, which mobilizes them and enables them to spread through evolution.

Text: Dr. Christiane Schürkmann

Exhibited works

Block 2
Block 2, 2013
Chamaechorie (Al 1)
Chamaechorie (Al 1), 2013
Chamaechorie (Al 5)
Chamaechorie (Al 5), 2017
Chamaechorie (Ulm)
Chamaechorie (Ulm), 2017
Chamaechorie (...)
Chamaechorie (...), 2017
Chamaechorie (Hattingen / Bernd & Hilla Becher)
Chamaechorie (Hattingen / Bernd & Hilla Becher), 2017
Chamaechorie (CuZn 1)
Chamaechorie (CuZn 1), 2015
Chamaechorie (CuZn 2)
Chamaechorie (CuZn 2), 2015
Modell-Pavillon, 2014
Framework 4
Framework 4, 2017
Framework 5
Framework 5, 2017

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