The Problem with Photography (z. Zt)
The Problem with Photography (z. Zt)
The Problem with Photography (z. Zt)
The Problem with Photography (z. Zt)
28.11.2006 - 10.02.2007
Introduction: Dr. Gudrun Knaus, Galerie Kornfeld, Bern

Bernhard Knaus Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Marco Breuer.

In “THE PROBLEM WITH PHOTOGRAPHY (z.Zt)” Marco Breuer continues his systematic investigation of the conditions of the photographic medium. In a series of cameraless photographs, Breuer marks the surface of photographic color material with a razor blade, building the image line by line. Through this process of subtraction, layers of the material are physically removed and color is forced out of the material (in photographic color material black contains all other colors).
Many of the images in the exhibition are created through a cycle of imaging and re-imaging: shifts in scale and color, moving from positive to negative, going in and out of focus – with every image possibly being the result of a previous one.
The works of Marco Breuer are photographic revelations about what happens between forces: light, chemistry, and physical processes clashing on photographic material. Every resulting piece is unique – and truly surprising in range of colour, rhythm and depth.
Marco Breuer born in Germany in 1966, lives and works in New York. Marco Breuer has exhibited widely throughout the United States. His work is in numerous collections, including the Museum of Modern Art; the New York Public Library; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, Germany.

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