Does Time Dance with Memories
Does Time Dance with Memories
Does Time Dance with Memories
29.11.2003 - 14.02.2004
Introduction: Dr. Beate Ermacora

Since the late 80ies, swiss artist Daniele Buetti (born in 1956) works with the signs and codes of our surrounding which is dominated by brands. He became famous with his manipulations of photographies taken from Lifestyle- and Fashionmagazines.
„Does Time dance with Memories“ ist the title of the upcoming exhibition by Daniele Buetti at Galerie Bernhard Knaus, which shows new Photographies and Lightboxes dealing with these themes. Names of multinational fashion companies like Nike or Boss, as well as famous names of fashion designers like Armani, Gucci, Chanel  etc. – Daniele Buetti scribbles them into the skin of supermodels. The scribbled brands remember at tatoos, brandings, abscesses or scars and let the represented beauties lose their unguilty appearing spotless.
The private adoption of the public images shows the expose and vulnerability of the models, but appears on the other hand ironic and rises the beauty for the viewer, because the models become something real away from their perfection.
With the use of advertising-subjects from the world of modern lifestyle, Daniele Buetti subjects the consumer society which is dominated by the Fashion and Media Industry.

Exhibited works

Boss auf Brust
Boss auf Brust, 1994 - 2011
Boss auf Schulter
Boss auf Schulter, 1994 - 2011
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren, 1994 - 2011
Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent, 1994 - 2011
Versace, 1994 - 2011
Gucci Milano
Gucci Milano, 1994 - 2011
Gucci, 1994 - 2011

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