Grieving Matter
Grieving Matter
Grieving Matter
Grieving Matter
Grieving Matter
05.04. - 28.05.2005
Introduction Gudrun Meyer, Galerie Kornfeld, Bern

Adam Thompson works across a variety of media including photography, sculpture, video and installation. Using found imagery and found objects as material and reference; he makes works that mislead the viewer with Illusions of scale and surface dynamics. The small scale and subject matter of much of the work sets up shared formal, psychological and metaphysical relationships; presence and absence, being and non-being, place and non-place. His mysterious photographs often show romantic landscapes only visible through a peephole surrounded by a velvety black. The image seems to be falling away like from a bygone time. Embodying themes of the visible and invisible, the subtle and indeterminate nature of the work becomes a visual trap enveloping the viewer in their physicality. Adam Thompson’s work challenges us to examine what we see and to notice qualities that are not immediately apparent. Investigations into the material and immaterial, surface and space, light and dark, result in works subtly balancing the literal and the illusory.

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