Lines and Traces
Lines and Traces
Lines and Traces
Thomas Locher, Herbert Hinteregger, Marco Breuer, Mark Francis
Lines and Traces
17.09. - 19.11.2005
“My eye focuses on a fine black line. Then, without much hesitation, I begin to trace the line´s meandering course. Gracefully curving and looping it navigates its way around the broad surface in front of me. It is a line with no clear beginning or end – at liberty to wander – a multi-directional line sometimes  intersecting and crossing other lines with which it interweaves.” Andrew Cross, “Mark Francis – Elements”
The compositions in Mark Francis paintings and Monotypes remind of organic structures and a view through a microscope. He is inspired by medical and scientific Illustrations. Smooth abstract forms which reminds on cells, leaves or bacterias build an imaginary dimension and are far away from any clinical connotation. Reticulate Lines seem to expand over the image border, growing, increasing density or separating themselves. The colourful images by Mark Francis show the dynamic of order and chaos, repose and growth, separating and matching, densitiy and motion. The work of the irish artist (*1962) has been shown worldwide and is in important collections like the Tate Gallery, London and the Saatchi Collection, London.

With pasty ballpen ink Herbert Hinteregger realizes his painting position.The luscious and opalescent colour captures light and reflection, makes the eye of the beholder immerging and as the same time holding back on the surface. Radial Lines and geometic shapes, which reminds fish shoals, lines of communication or invisible networks, are laying over the plane colour texture, showing an melting between line and colour, drawing and painting also visible in his installations built with empty ball-pen shells. Herbert Hinteregger (*1970) lives and works in Vienna. The actual catalogue is published at his Single Exhibition 2005 at the Neue Galerie Graz, Austria.

Marco Breuer likes to experiment. Investigating the medium of photography, Breuer works always in a cameleraless process , using fire, his own body or simple objects of daily life creating surprising effects. In his recent experiments Breuer slices the surface of photographic color material with a razor blade and reveales colourful streaks and lines. Small bubbles irritating on the surface are caused by sand underneath the print at the time of scoring give the impression of three dimensionality. The works of Marco Breuer are photographic revelations about what happens between forces of light, chemical and physical processes on a sensitive photopaper with a “very controlled chance”. Every piece is singulaire and unique - in their appariance there is a great variety of colour, rhythm and space. Marco Breuer (*1966) born in Germany, lives and works in New York. International exhibitions 2005 in P.S.1, Contemporary Art, New York. Works in public collections like the Museum of Modern Art, New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany and others.

The complexity of communication is the subject in Thomas Lochers art .The artist uses messages and grammatical systems interrogating and analyzing the codes and references in his installations and objects. In his recent work gestical lines and clews covers the sentences and words. Language as an open system is been manifested in his glass-mirror works, showing in the exhibition. Thomas Locher lives and works in Berlin, his works are in international collections and museums like Pinakothek der Moderne, München, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Kunsthaus Zürich, numerous public space projects.

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