Darkness Moves
Darkness Moves
Darkness Moves
Darkness Moves
Cecilia Westerberg, Kristofer Hultenberg
Darkness Moves
01.02. - 22.03.2008
We are very pleased to announce the first Solo Exhibition of Cecilia Westerberg in Germany in our Gallery. The exhibition “Darkness Moves” shows works of animation and her latest paintings.
Cecilia Westerberg was born 1967 in Copenhagen. She studied at the Chelsea College in London, the Royal Danish Art Academy and the University in Copenhagen. Her work was exhibited internationally and involved in various curated projects.
The latest group of paintings refer to the movie „Iwans Childhood“ (1962) by the russian director Andrej Tarkowskij. By her selection of  particular sequences C. Westerberg transforms and interprets the filmstory into single images and keyscenes. The film and her works are dealing with the main subject of the loss of innocence.
Her Animations often deal with the little bursts of poetry and fantasy that occur in moments of feeling solitude or longing. They expolore moments where reverie replaces our rational understanding of space and time. The film " In pitch dark I go walking in your landscape is seen as if one was lying on the ground, looking up into the sky, and as the film brings the viewer through the day, the cheery sound of signing birds turns to a silent forest night. As the darkness grows, the abstract yet natural sounds become almost frightening, thus it is the sound combined with the lights, colors and crawling pace that allows the story to unfold and allows the viewer to enter a space for new meanings and states of mind.  Moreover, Westerberg is interested not only in the psychological aspect of the work, but also the physical factor, and therefore the staging of the work allows for different angles and positions in viewing that each yield new experiences of the work.  
In the vabinet we present a selection of drawings by the swedish artist Kristofer Hultenberg of the series „ A Drawing Is An Unsafe Environment“  we present in our library. With the same title there is published in February 2008  a new book at Revolver, Archiv für Kunst, Frankfurt am Main. The elements drawn with ink, acrylic and pencil on paper  are precisely shaped, but do not convey any meaning. Nothing is being illustrated. Decoding is refused and the silent matter is thereby put into focus - which again can resemble something decodable.

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