secrets & dangers

31.01.2003 - 04.04.2003

Herbert Hinteregger

Introduction: Axel Jablonski, curator, Liechtenstein

We present the first exhibition by austrian artist Herbert Hinteregger:

Room 1:
“Ubecool”, 2002
Readymade – Liquid Painting, Swimminpool, Ventilators, ballpen ink

“Ubecool” takes reference to the pictures, painted with thin fluid ballpen ink, plane structured, lightly reflecting. The ventilators makes the surface of the readymade slightly moving, showing a permanent varying process of painting.

Room 2:
“Object”; 2002
Spherical object made of ballpen hulls
Diameter ca. 50 cm

A threedimensional translation of the paintings, called “ Strahlenbilder”, made of several hundreds of ball – pen husks. The containing of the husks is used for drawings.

Beyond we have a group of “Schwammbilder” paintings, processed with sponges, ballpen ink on canvas , which intercommunicate in colour and thematically.