Sculptural Photography

16.04.2004 - 18.06.2004

Ralf Peters

Ralf Peters is researching on the perception of our time. Peters uses digital material of images in a way of "plastic material" to create new situations, new images that seems to be real. He doesn´t work with the documentary character of photography but in a way of inventing a new realness. In a time that is controlled by images, he forces us to see and similarly to reflect on what we see.

“Peters series, in particular, call for this sceptical attitude from the viewer, which preserves a distance between the viewer and the world of the image to tesist the latter´s seductive power. This is because it is only by comparing the individual images in the series that the mechanics of the illusion beome clear, since this act requires us to step out of the world of images.” Daniel Spanke, Ralf Peters “Plastische Fotografie”, Edition Bernhard Knaus, 2004

Espacially attractive is the new series called "Candies", which have a blurred surface like water colours. The works of Candies change with their shiny surface between Painting and Photography. Settled between reduction and abstraction, the observer cannot clearly define what he sees. The mysterious and fascinating phenomenon of the blur is misleading and blocking at the same time. The image remains being an "open secret" and enigmatic.

We would also like to point to a limited photoedition and the new released  book: Ralf Peters “Plastische Fotografie”, published by Edition Bernhard Knaus, with texts in german and english language accompanying the actual series of exhibitions of Ralf Peters  (Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Stiftung Schloss Agathenburg and others).