Critical mess

08.09.2016 - 25.11.2016

Lena von Goedeke

Lena von Gödeke, 1983 in Duisburg, creates works of art of polymorphic and fragile aesthetics, in which you incorporate her passion for architecture, world models and alternative universes.

She develops paper cuts, drawings and objects develop, combining traditional techniques with contemporary trends and combines scientific and digital sources of inspiration with her visual vocabulary, ciphering them in familiar landscapes or orphaned rock deserts. Lattices, nets, perforated fabrics in the transformation of paper cutting and meticulous excerpt on high level are combined with the contrasting elements of oil painting, which remind one of an oil painting on wood from the 19th  century.
This synthesis stunned with three-dimensional and spatial remote effect, thematized reminiscences of the original geographic surveying and the beginnings of computer graphics, centuries later. Lena von Goedeke's polygonal image construction on the geodesic buildings of Buckminster Fuller with the stone lattice structures and testifies to an exploration of modern and neobrutalist architecture and the possibilities of spatial measurement and representation.

Lena von Goedeke's objects are concerned about the same principles of measurement and orientation like her works on paper and are in relation to them as positive and negative of a photograph.
If the works of paper play with the optical possibility of three-dimensionality, the real sculptural realization of the three-dimensionality reveals another exciting effect of the cut-out, namely that of the real view. The environment thus becomes part of the object, the object enters into tension to its location.
Materials from the classical to the modern, Carrara marble, copper sheet, real wood, compact plate, blanket, she consistently elicits the respective possibilities, once again arise, universes, architecture and world models.

Lena von Gödeke lives and works in Berlin.