Ralf Peters

The question concerning realism and its depiction is inextricably linked to the history of photography. The fact that the digital medium makes a flawless reconstruction and alteration of reality possible gives a further edge to the question of authenticity. Ralf Peters employs the technique of digital image processing in order to call social representations into question. In his “Keen Insight” (2016-18) work group Peters engages with the traditional artistic genre of landscape portrayal and parodies the artistic will to imitate. As part of his creative process he combines diverse photographic themes and pieces these together on-screen. The ensuing composed landscapes look deceptively real: The flawless arrangement of flowers, mountain ranges covered in snow, expansive lakes or meadow landscapes have a strong appeal and point to an artificial or sugarcoated nature, for example through a group of insect visible in detail and high definition. Peters is not interested in a ‘naked’ representation of reality, but in the creation of a hyper reality that turns into a kitsch backdrop.