Kyungwoo Chun

For its residency programme, and Year of Korea in France, 2015 - 2016, Museum MAC VAL in Vitry Sur Seine invited Kyungwoo Chun. The artist realized two projects carried out with members of the population of Val - de - Marne in November 2015 and January and February 2016. The first was The Weight and the second Most Beautiful.

Most Beautiful features workers who are invisible yet perform a task that is essential to us all: ensuring the cleanliness of the roads. After several meetings with the cleaning teams, Kyungwoo Chun suggested something very new: that they close their eyes and draw the person whom they most missed during their working time. The resulting piece comprises a montage in which each drawing is shown next to photographs of a hand wearing a glove. The hand is both what directs the working tool and what serves to reveal each individual’s free, poetic spirit through this artistic commission.
The photographic records of these collaborative project, reflect the personal experience of each participant but also partake in the process of highlighting human relations, an area that Chun tirelessly explores in his work.