Crystal Lightness

03.07.2008 - 30.08.2008

Harald Kröner

Bernhard Knaus Fine Art is pleased to announce the first exhibition with Harald Kröner and Aljoscha.

The drawings by Harald Kröner stand out by their delicate way of composing forms and lines.
Beside small drawings and collages made with a variety of different papers, the exhibition shows also large size works of the series “Yappanoise”. Grids on big paper sheets traced in lines of ink and small colour spots, form shapes and structures with a high quality of lightness and fragileness. Harald Kröners works on paper narrow and focus the eye's attention. You have to "read" every line. They demand intimacy and a kind of commitment. But what they give back, in their simplicity and richness, is indescribably moving.

The mysterious objects by Aljoscha seemed to have formed themselves organically but the fascinating sculptures are built in a very elaborated process with acrylic paint.
They remind in their imaginative forms to a world of microcosm or unknown creatures of the deep see. Aljoscha has coined the term “Bioism” for this artistic vision and explains the idea behind his art: “bioism or biofuturism represents my attempt of creating new living forms and the new aesthetics of the future organic life. bioism for me is the way to develop art objects which itself express the new forms of vital activity. bioism is my effort to produce art, based on vitality and complexity: during the elaboration of each piece I try to enclose in it as much movement, breathing and multiplicity as possible. Each piece of my art I consider as a living being. ...”

Aljoscha, born 1974 in Glukhov, Ukraine, lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. 2008 he was the winner of the first Prize category Sculptur of the XXXV.Premio Bancaja Valencia Spain. The Award includes the participation of a series of exhibition starting at the Institut Valencià d`Art Modern (IVAM), Spain.

Harald Kröner, was born 1962. Among numerous awards he was granted with the scholarship of Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. His works are part of private and public collections, like Kunsthalle Karlsruhe and others. He lives and works in the Black Forest Region, Germany.