23.11.2004 - 12.02.2005

Bernhard Prinz
Christian Hagemann
Kati Faber
Nicolas Hallbaum
Michael Klöpfer

Introduction: Bernhard Prinz

In the exhibition „Scenarios“ we show four young positions in actual photography. The artists are graduates of Bernhard Prinz at the university of Essen.

In her photographs, Kati Faber focuses her attention to the mysterious in everyday life. She finds this temper in places which mirror feelings and where the borders between the tenses are hardly to distinguish. The images call up associations to filmstills, family-pictures and holiday-photographs due to coarse-grained photos in old agfa-film colours.

The intention of Christian Hagemann is to carry the mood of old masters’ paintings into the present. His still lifes are just as composed as the classical arrangements. His way of working in arranging situations allows him  an approach to painting  and by that a different point of view and access towards the here and now.

Nicolas Hallbaum photographs  are loaded with a certain kind of tension. By its medial quality – being an image of something else – photography on the one hand is liable to reality in a special way, on the other hand it is determined beforehand letting appear fictions as facts, so that the difference between reality and arrangement disappears.

Michael Klöpfer is looking for an ideal in landscape in his work, for the originality, that was lost with the beginning of the industrial revolution. These unspoiled landscapes, which remind of the Romanticism representations, he finds in northern Scandinavia. A homage to the beauty of the world.